Professor Greene is a Genius with Dry or Damaged Hair. – I have had problems my dry and damaged hair for years. I have not been able to find a stylist in New York to remedy my problem. Until I met Professor Greene. Best part is, he only charged me $37. I made my next appointment before I left his salon. I would recommend Professor Greene to anyone!!!!

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Highly Recommended! – I recommend Richard Greene to everyone. He is extremely professional and knows his craft. He takes time with his clients, never rushes and is very attentive. The salon is extremely well kept, clean and the entire staff is friendly. Wonderful experience.

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Editorial Review – Midtown salon provides styling for all ethnicities including cuts, coloring, relaxer and damaged hair treatment.

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Bouncing And Behaving Hair, Looks Great, Feels Great – My hair was very damage, from taking medications. I was experiencing a lot of hair loss. My first two weeks I saw a big difference, and now it has been 4 months and the amount of hair loss is nil to none and it has grown back stronger. My hair has great shine and bounce and I always get compliments for the healthy look. Richard L. Greene products and touch I highly recommend.

Wow!  I finally reunited with my former hair stylist, Richard L. Green, from the famous “Crown and Glory Hair Salon.”   There are only two words to describe Richard… Miracle Worker.   When I was in college (1990’s),   Richard treated my hair, and it was healthy, full of body, voluminous… it was just plain hooked!

However, when I lost contact with Richard, I became an unsatisfied salon hopper.  Every time I would go to a flighty salon, by time I got home I had to redo my hair and I would experience severe breakage. It was difficult to find a reputable hair stylist in New York City who specializes in black hair care.

Now, after twenty years, Richard and I have reconnected!  When I came to his salon my hair was severely damaged.  It was shedding, considerably thin, and lifeless.  Once Richard started  treating my hair, I immediately saw a difference in my hair texture within a month.  Now, my hair no longer sheds and it has thickened up.  I said to myself, he still got it!

It is apparent that Richard is on the road to recapturing my hair texture as it was back in my college days. Richard thanks for bringing vitality back to my hair.

– Nicole W. Brooklyn, NY

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